Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Balesin Island: A Palawan resort in Luzon

Detox at Balesin Island Beach ResortThirty minutes from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport is the oft-ignored resort of the Balesin Beach in Luzon. Due southeast of Manila, the province of Quezon where Balesin Island lies is at some point just somewhere beneath the clouds when one takes a plane ride to the more popular destinations in Boracay Island. And yet the Balesin Beach Resort is less commercialized, less busy, and in most part less flustered: An idyllic getaway for a weekend break in the sand, sea, and sun. A Palawan in Luzon.

In the absence of the madding crowd, videoke, and tricycle noise, there is no way the Balesin Beach Resort shares the island of Luzon with Manila and is located near its tainted air and guttural noise. One has to see it to believe it, but just beyond the Sierra Madre lies a beach resort in Luzon where a pristine piece of beach haven is still possible.

The Balesin Island, about 424 hectares in all, is wholly owned by a single corporation, a setup that makes the beach resort free from a rowdy mix of commercial establishments that compete for one’s attention. But, coming into the resort on a light plane airstrip, one will know that the Luzon resort of Balesin Island is far from being avoided. Rather, the resort facilities of the Balesin Island Resort speak of exclusivity.

The Balesin Island Resort has a six-hole golf course by the sea, a canopied dirt road, fishing facilities, and manicured lawns that await everyone’s bare feet. And, of course, a completely tailored spa and massage services that the guests can order to the resort rooms, or under a tree, or in the scented facilities of the Balesin Beach Resort.

Any way that one looks at the Balesin Beach Resort, an air of exclusivity is easily palpable. But that is exclusivity at an inexpensive price. With room rates starting at US$85 a night, inclusive of breakfast, dinner, and lunch, and with each reservation allowable for up to six persons, the Balesin Island Resort is not overselling its beach resort when it said in their website that it is a “Paradise easily within your reach.”

Balesin Beach Resort, Quezon, Philippines
Manila Tel. No.: (+632) 812-0888
Email: balesin@gmail.com
Resort Web site: http://www.balesin.com/

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