Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Enjoy Summer the Peaceful and Relaxing Way at Microtel Inn & Suites Boracay

Boracay has always been known for being the most exciting vacation destination to go to, especially during summer. What with the numerous shops, restaurants, and party events that one can stumble upon at the place, there's never a dull moment for vacationers who are looking to have an exciting and fun-filled experience.

However, contrary to common assumption, not everyone that goes to Boracay is looking to party and experience the buzzing nightlife by the beach. Indeed, some actually go to do the opposite: to relax, escape the fast-paced monotony of city life, and enjoy the tropical beauty of Boracay in peace.

Recognizing this need of some of the island's visitors, Microtel Inn & Suites Boracay provides guests with the privacy and relaxing atmosphere they seek. Located along Diniwid Beach, the hotel is separated from the busier shores of White Beach, exuding an intimate calmness upon guests arriving at the resort. With air-conditioned rooms that have chiropractic-approved beds, window seats, and other hotel amenities specifically designed to provide the utmost comfort, guests are sure to have the relaxing retreat that they are looking for.

Though the hotel is already known for offering understated yet elegant accommodations at an affordable price, Microtel Boracay truly takes pride in the excellent service they provide their guests. Dedicated to making sure guests have a wonderful and memorable experience during their stay, the hotel's warm and very efficient staff are ever mindful of addressing their guests' concerns, sometimes even before they realize their needs.

Perhaps none can say it better than what a review of a recent guest at the hotel had said, attesting to the world-class service of Microtel Boracay. A frequent vacationer at the island, she decided to try the hotel for the first time, hoping for a more peaceful and private holiday with her husband. She was pleasantly surprised at the thoughtfulness and efficiency of the staff, who went out of their way to make their stay truly enjoyable. To quote: “Our stay at the Microtel in Boracay was truly an experience. Not because its facilities were particularly luxurious or glamorous, or because its guests were celebrities and/or politicians, but because of the quality of the people working there. They are of a different caliber, often going above and beyond the call of duty in an effort to make each guest’s stay as personalized and as pleasant as possible.” Her complete review of the hotel can be read here.

Indeed, if you're looking for a rejuvenating respite at a place where your comfort is top priority, Microtel Boracay is the ideal place for you.

For more information on Microtel Inn & Suites Boracay and to make reservations online, visit the hotel's website at

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Balesin Island: A Palawan resort in Luzon

Detox at Balesin Island Beach ResortThirty minutes from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport is the oft-ignored resort of the Balesin Beach in Luzon. Due southeast of Manila, the province of Quezon where Balesin Island lies is at some point just somewhere beneath the clouds when one takes a plane ride to the more popular destinations in Boracay Island. And yet the Balesin Beach Resort is less commercialized, less busy, and in most part less flustered: An idyllic getaway for a weekend break in the sand, sea, and sun. A Palawan in Luzon.

In the absence of the madding crowd, videoke, and tricycle noise, there is no way the Balesin Beach Resort shares the island of Luzon with Manila and is located near its tainted air and guttural noise. One has to see it to believe it, but just beyond the Sierra Madre lies a beach resort in Luzon where a pristine piece of beach haven is still possible.

The Balesin Island, about 424 hectares in all, is wholly owned by a single corporation, a setup that makes the beach resort free from a rowdy mix of commercial establishments that compete for one’s attention. But, coming into the resort on a light plane airstrip, one will know that the Luzon resort of Balesin Island is far from being avoided. Rather, the resort facilities of the Balesin Island Resort speak of exclusivity.

The Balesin Island Resort has a six-hole golf course by the sea, a canopied dirt road, fishing facilities, and manicured lawns that await everyone’s bare feet. And, of course, a completely tailored spa and massage services that the guests can order to the resort rooms, or under a tree, or in the scented facilities of the Balesin Beach Resort.

Any way that one looks at the Balesin Beach Resort, an air of exclusivity is easily palpable. But that is exclusivity at an inexpensive price. With room rates starting at US$85 a night, inclusive of breakfast, dinner, and lunch, and with each reservation allowable for up to six persons, the Balesin Island Resort is not overselling its beach resort when it said in their website that it is a “Paradise easily within your reach.”

Balesin Beach Resort, Quezon, Philippines
Manila Tel. No.: (+632) 812-0888
Resort Web site:

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Shut out the New Year blues at Evercrest Batangas

Lose the New Year blues at Evercrest Resort in Batangas

December is almost always a busy month, and also a good time to stretch out. The year, after all, is about to expire. And people, even for a week, now have the luxury of time. And they can now understandably take it slow or spend much of it on an unexplainably relaxing mad dash to the shopping centers of Metro Manila, as some sort of a reward for the generally frenzied year.

The holidays may find you with the kids and family, or with friends who suddenly get overwhelmed and bored by the amount of time they have in their hands. Either way, the period between Christmas and New Year is always a great time to take that proverbial deep breath before the plunge into the year ahead. The holidays are shorter than you think, and it could be 2008 already without yourself making the most of the holidays.

This week’s find bring us down. Down south to Batangas that is. Nestled in crisp country air and rolling greens south of Manila, the Evercrest Resort in Nasugbu, Batangas is every inch a haven, where the hustle and bustle of city living could not be heard yet it is only two hours away from Metro Manila.

The sprawling Batangas greens of Evercrest Golf Club ResortThe sprawling 76-room Batangas resort of Evercrest Philippines includes an 18-hole golf course, a tennis court, open-air whirlpool, and outdoor pool. If you’re idea of relaxation is lounging on a pool, or sipping a drink and having comfort food, all with the great Batangas outdoors in the backdrop, then you’ll find the Batangas resort of the Evercrest Philippines to be exactly what you need for relaxation.

Prized facility of the Evercrest Resort is their Batangas golf course. The Evercrest Golf Club is set in the middle of a lush expanse of grass, and backdropped to serene effect by the hills of Batangas and the mouth of the Taal Volcano. But you don’t need to be a golfer to enjoy Evercrest Golf Club and Resort. An afternoon saunter at the landscaped garden and greens of the Evercrest Resort is enough to relax you and shut out your worries.

Complementing a day outdoors at the Batangas resort ofWalk into a Batangas haven at Evercrest Golf Club Resort Evercrest Philippines are the steam rooms and spa facilities inside. Evercrest Batangas has one of the spa centers in the country that by world standards are considered top of the line. Batangas guests can comfortably surrender to the professional hands of the Evercrest Resort masseuse for a relaxing detox.

A reminder though: At a time when consumerism is at its peak, a weekend trip to Evercrest Batangas may probably come as added guilt. It is just that luxurious. But it’s going to be a brand new year anyway. And there is no grander way to greet the New Year with a new you.

The Evercrest Golf Club and Resort is located at Km 72 of Batulao in Nasugbu, Batangas. For inquiries and instant reservations, you can reach them at their official website

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